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Hindu Library 

Its main purpose is to awaken the spiritual consciousness of the Hindus and to establish a happy relationship with them. For this we collect the spiritual texts that have not been read in the homes of the Hindus before and buy the rest of the books, or receive them through donors. These are for a nominal fee depending on the length of the book for a week or two  We will give to the Hindu relatives. In order to do this, we will work to build good relations with those Hindu families and inspire them.  


The library should also be set up in software for books. This means that the details of the books we have have a photo that matters a bit, as well as the availability details of the books to see if the book is available for reading. If it is not available then give their phone number and the reminder should be set to go as soon as it becomes available. In addition, some filters should be set up to search for books, for example the Bhagavad Gita, or the author's name, or the publication.  

In this way we will utilize it to strengthen every Hindu physically, financially and morally so that it can be used for monitoring and storing information on the various things we are currently doing and will do. 

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