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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Kindly follow the guidelines below and make sure you adhere to them before browsing or using this site.

  1. 1Refrain from abusive languages. While we do not moderate everything, we expect discussions and language to be decent, friendly and impersonal.

  2. Do not preach hatred against any person or community. While we encourage discussions and debates, they should be driven from a desire to discover truth and not out of hatred.

  3. Kindly ensure that discussions are relevant and insightful for new readers. Try to add your comments or posts only in relevant forums or articles to enhance readability.

  4. We have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to following viewpoints - denial of social, religious, political or spiritual rights on the basis of birth, gender, caste or personal faith. Such discussions will not be entertained on our site.

  5. These guidelines may be amended from time to time. So make sure you keep visiting this page regularly and participate only if you agree to these.

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