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Sivashakti is a gathering of young people who support the tolerance and friendship of peace-loving Hindus and run for office with the paramatmans who are looking to cut off the hand of the patron saint.  Shiva Shakti is an organization that is fighting following the advice of our gurus that someone will come - a destructive tendency to do something, and that hard work will lead to famine. Shivshakti is the maneuver to counter the ideological attack on Hinduism and false propaganda through the most ingenious discussions, speeches, books and the media.  Shiv Shakti is a pagan game that pretends to be Hindus and steals government subsidies.

Brother, I need your help to turn this resistance, which was started by a large number of volunteers for the protection of charity, into a movement in both the Telugu states, even though their financial situation is dire.

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